Information for New Residents

  • Place all waste rubbish in the communal bins, failure to comply will result in charges for its removal
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout The Sorting House. This includes but is not limited to the garden, walkways, fire-escapes, carpark, foyer and lifts.
  • An excessive noise curfew is in force between midnight and 08:00 AM
  • Keep all fire escapes free from obstructions
  • Please respect the grounds and clean up your spillages
  • If you come across any Health & Safety concerns on site please report to the caretaker
  • BBQs are strictly prohibited throughout the site, this is a high Fire risk
  • Pets are only allowed at the Management Company’s consent, allowing pets to urinate in communal areas will result in lease enforcement
  • Please ensure you only park in your own parking space. If you are unsure of your space number please contact us at sortin and we would be happy to assist you. If you are found to be parking in the wrong space you could be liable for a fine
  • Please can residents not assume issues on site have been reported to the office. If you notice anything on site, please log this with urbanbubble on 0161 236 3344
  • If you need help with or would like to report any issues regarding
    • Buildings cleaning & maintenance
    • Meter readings
    • Access Issues
    • Waste and recycling disposal
    • Loss of power or water
    • General building enquiries

Please contact Mike on <TNUM>