The Sorting House Car Park

Unless you have permission from the owner of a parking space in the carpark to use it, you must not park anywhere in the carpark. There are no spare spaces and the owners have the right of thier use 24/7.

You can ask for spare spaces on our Facebook Page, but these are only available due to the availibility and generosity of others. If none are available, you must park outside of the building. This includes guests and tradespeople.

Free Parking

There’s several areas close to The Sorting House where you can park for free at certain times.


TimePlace (clicky)
Late eveningsDirectly Outside
Early evenings and SundaysAncoats Street
Early evenings late morningsAncoats Parking Bays
Long stay or other timesNew Islington

Directly Outside

The spaces directly in front of the building, the three spaces round the corner on Houldsworth street next to the car park exit, and the two spaces on the other side of Houldsworth street just before the junction with Lever Street all follow the same rules:

Price: FREE overnight between 8pm and 8am
At all other times:

  • £1.45 for 30 mins
  • £2.90 for 1 hour
  • £4.30 for 1.5 hours
  • £5.80 for two hours (maximum)

Remember that after 8pm buying time rolls over to the morning, so if you know you have to be gone by 9am, then you can park overnight for £2.90.

Note: The ‘loading only’ area should be avoided at any time and you risk a ticket by parking in it unless you’re in a service vehicle.

Ancoats Street

This is a great one if your guest is arriving earlier, or for Saturday nights and Sundays, and applies to all single yellow lines in the Ancoats area, some of which are really close. There is no parking on single yellows outside of these times.

Price: FREE overnight between 6pm and 8am, and all of Sunday

  • No parking on single yellow lines at all other times

Ancoats Parking Bays

You can buy a little time for before or after the free times and it’s much cheaper than Newton Street. It’s possible to park in a bay on Saturday night at 6pm, put £1.20 in the machine, and not have to leave until 10.00am on Monday morning.

Best locations:

  • George Lee Street
  • Sherratt Street
  • Blossom Street
  • Redhill Street

Price: FREE overnight between 6pm and 8am and all of Sunday
At all other times:

  • 20 mins for 20p
  • 10 mins for 10p up to a maximum of 2 hours

New Islington

If you follow Redhill Street to the end of the cobbles and go over the bridge and down the short hill there is a wealth of unrestricted free parking. It’s legal to park anywhere that has no markings at the side of the road and follows highway code practice; i.e not blocking crossings/dropped curbs/on corners etc.

The closest streets with no parking restrictions are:

  • Navigation Street
  • New Islington
  • Woodward Street
  • Chippenham Road
  • Coppersmith Road

Price: Free